Karsten Turrey


I love a drink
I love women
I love to write


I drink in sadness or celebration
People tell me I have a problem
I tell them I have many
I am still here and my spirit is proof
About 120 proof


I sit by myself very often
I don't mind friends
There just aren't many people here that don't bore me or try to control my habits


My habits consist of work, women, writing, whiskey and cigarettes


The first three take turns throughout my day, the last two coexist with the first three


I live carefree for the most part


College experience took six years out of my first habit

Useless experience since my work is commercial fishing and you need zero education for this particular field


Nevertheless it couldn't have hurt much it never cut into my other four habits


During an experience with habits two and four, I found habit five was running low
I went to the store for another pack the woman I was with that night wanted to join me
I didn't let her
I told her I didn't want people to see us together


Better to be honest than romantic


She waited until I returned
We did the deed she didn't sleep over


After she went on her way I gave my dog his dinner, ate something myself, lit my fifth habit to a toast with my fourth


Felt no resentment for my day, sat at my desk wrote this and went to bed

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