How I forget

I forgot how prodigious some minds worked, and how I forget prodigious isn’t always a good thing.
I forgot that if I wear my skirt too short it will forge an invitation to the men lurking outside, who demand to be let in , with the envelope scrunched in his blistered hand proving he has my consent. But I … I don’t remember giving it to him. I forgot that whatever clothes I put on and change about my body, I will still never be able to call my body, MY body. Because how can you claim something he demanded he claimed first? But I … don’t remember fighting for the ownership, maybe I didn’t.

I remember seeing girls my age and asking why i can't be with them
i have wanted sex but knew i was too young
i never did it though
i won't ruin my life
i silently lust over those i can't have(pretty much everyone)
i won't self destruct

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