Usuzubed (The 660th throne)

For eons he had no master for the Beast thought all was well, then God cast out his favorite son now Lucifer ruled over hell 

The layers that numbered 666 on top of Lucifer's throne, his reign must be absolute his power it must be shown 

The demons quickly bowed to him but the Devils sought to resist, so Lucifer visited Each layer of Hell Crossing names off his accursed list 

Thousands had fallen before him before the devil's fell into line, I'll give you 660 last six for me and mine, 

Usuzubed became his first general a devil with a god like lust, filling his ranks with sultry succubi their loyalty he could trust 

He called them forth each morning as only they could fill his need, his massive cock rock hard and full of cum the key to the succubi's greed 

He puts himself in from behind them to avoid looking into their eyes, they scream as he penetrates them torment and ecstasy entwined in their cries 

So each day they carry out his bidding and make his army grow strong, he waits for the battle between Heaven and Hell being Immortal his wait won't be long 

So he waits  atop a mountain of Sorrow where he sits on a throne made of pain, hoping Lucifer loses the battle so he'll be masterless once again 



  • FredPeyer

    Mugsdaddy, you and Martina must have drunk from the same bottle!

    Very nice writing! You do have a great imagination and know how to express it.

    • Mugsdaddy

      Too many drugs when I was younger.

    • orchidee

      Bit swoony poem for me! ooh!

      • Mugsdaddy

        I don't understand "Swoony "

        • orchidee

          Oh, it's me being daft. I swoon or faint at anything even remotely 'hot' - so I say! lol.

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