A Storm is Coming


A Storm Is Coming

I feel the clouds all rolling in
The tide is crashing against the shore
You might want to seek some shelter
The winds about to crack and roar

There's a hurricane stirring inside my head
And I can't hold back this tidal wave
I fear there is no place to hide
I'm afraid I've come too far to be saved

I feel the cold and bitter blizzard
Chilling it's way up my spine
And the giant vengeance of Mother Nature
Swollen up inside my mind

I'm a tsunami waiting to happen
I'm lost in this monsoon
Someone needs to lock me away
Safely in a padded room

Because this Volcano is erupting
And when the dust is finally settled
I fear that everything I've ever loved
Will have been razed and quickly leveled

Cyclonic thoughts fly around my brain
Smashing the ground like glacier sized hail
And I'm afraid none will live
Who will be able to tell my tale

So I sit here in the dark
Letting the meteor shower hit my face
And become nothing more than a smoldering crater
That eradicated the human race

By LukeCoomer ©


  • Fay Slimm.

    Wow - loud applause for this collection of different weather conditions which your poetic mind saw could describe states of mind. A first class write Luke - great title too and I love the moving image of snow.

  • orchidee

    Will it 'blow over' quickly, and turn Spring-like or Summer-like, maybe unexpectedly or surprisingly?!

    • LukeCoomer

      The storm goes where the storm wants! It is a force of nature with behavior all its own!

    • w c

      i thoroughly enjoyed this poem. Very nice rhythm and rhyme!

      • LukeCoomer

        Thank you so much! Rhythm and rhyme are my specialty!

      • Christina8

        First, excellent image of the moving snow to accompany your piece. And then you used beautiful imagery to get your point across in a wintery tale, up until the meteor shower. Great ways of telling your mood. Fantastic piece!

        • LukeCoomer

          Thank you so much!

        • LaurašŸŒ»

          Once again, Luke, I see the
          magic pen at work.
          The metaphors you used to
          create the images and the
          artwork is ingenious!
          Enjoyed the poem
          in its entirety! Thank you
          for sharing!

          • LukeCoomer

            Your welcome! Thank you for the kind words!

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