Adrianna Kjeld


The moment you realize you aren't alone in the world 
may also be the moment you meet someone who will make you wish you were...
to get away from the hurt, that people inevitably  inflict on one another. 

The moment you are comfortable with your own skin, 
someone else will want to be acquainted with it. 

The moment you begin to accept your mind
someone else will want to move into your heart.
You will want to sin, but you let the lust subside, and let love sink in.

The moment you let love sink in...
so will the hurt of losing them to another. 

One person who makes you realize you're not alone. 
One person who is comfortable with your skin, the mere thought of sin. 
One person who will move into your heart. 
One person who will make you wish they'd be there for an eternity. 

It hurts to wonder when, or if they'll leave, and sometimes you'll give yourself a reason why. 

But right here is where everything sinks in. 

You and him the perfect imperfection. 
He's is a sweet confection. 
Red becomes your complexion. 

You knew from the moment you could've touched his butt- 
in the backseat contrivance, thanks to your friend.  
You knew when you started talking. 
You knew when you heard he was raised the same. 
You knew when he asked you out on a date. 
You knew when he asked to kiss you. 
You. Just. Knew. 

Watch your comfort grow. 

This is love, give it time, and the more you'll know. 


  • FredPeyer

    I do like your poem, and the last line says it all. Stay in the moment, enjoy what you have, as long as you have it. Don't overthink! If it is right, you just know!

    • Adrianna Kjeld

      Thank you, yes! I use to dwell on a lot of things, and now I feel like everyday is, "A chance at life"-Avery Brookes, to use someone else's words.

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