The Golden Gate Has Been Closed

Once upon a time they said they’d take your tired and poor

Though not the victims of war no more, they’ve closed the door


Once upon a time Europe poured in every land they could see

Now when you go to them the iron walls have been set, oh the irony


It takes the bodies of Syrian children to wash upon their shore

For them to care, to say this atrocity won’t happen no more

And yet, they’ve closed the door, more to suffer, still many more


No more deaths shall pile at our golden doors

No more rejections to those torn by war

No more children must perish for sympathy to seep in our core


Run, run all you can, these sins will catch up with us

The clock is ticking, safety for ourselves or justice for all

A messy world and infected politics, no more choices

Shatter the silence and release unbound voices

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