Michael Champion

Undesirable Lives Through Time



"Those people...well they're not people at all".
- J Boyne, Irish novelist.

Save the 8th.
LIFE is precious, so it is said,
So can the point of view be defended
That undesirable people; unwanted babies
Living in the womb
Have lives which can be simply ended?
A baby's first year could be spent in a Moses basket,
They say:  Don't end a precious life: (Commandment no. 6).
Unwanted babies can be adopted not aborted-
Nurtured by another man and wife.

Over time you can see
the pattern repeated:
DEHUMANIZE lives and then degrade
Then one can go ahead with killing;
An order can be obeyed.
Undesirable traits;
Failed contraception etc;
The first (or final) solution is seen by some as extermination,
These innocent and developing people
Given an aborted destination.
If they are growing within the womb (or without)
Why must so many die?  Oh why?
If life is sacrosanct?

(Take a mother and her unborn daughter- Love Both-
The thing need not be merely clinical:
With support and love it can be said of BOTH that:
"She is not a criminal").

ADOPTION is the answer
To babies deemed unwanted
If parents cannot keep or love their child
By others they’ll be wanted.
Through time there have been different camps,
E.g. pro- choice
And pro- life
The former allows irresponsible men to get
Away with murder
Abandoning a girlfriend or a wife:
Disrespectful:  Life brings joy
And life brings pain
That’s how the seed is sown
And how will future generations be treated?
The Past hints; the Present bodes.

Are some lives seen as invalid;
Those seen as subhuman?
Those too young even for pyjamas?
Do some people have the same ethics
Through time
And justify termination as the answer?


For as long as abortions continue
Unwanted Beings will die.
If some PEOPLE are deemed as
Having no right to life
Is it too much to ask the question:






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