Once a big stable castle

A wrecking ball would strike again And piece by piece a stone would fall,
crashing and tumbling down upon me with the aim of complete destruction,
I stood strong defending what was rightfully mine.
The stone continued to ball dozed upon me and I felt as though I could not breathe
It stole my breathe - it always steals from you, that is what people do.
But yet this stone continued to dive down like a whale devouring pray, not caring where it fell nor what damage if conflicted.
And we said society care and holds you together
piece by piece my stone castle came crumbling apart, the cement was the love, the blood of the castle, that wore away leaving only my price possessions and family taking parts of me with it as it came plummeting down.
One day it could no longer take me with it; and there was no longer any stone.
It was left barren and destroyed.
That is life.

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