Theta the scholar

Simple Dreams

  • There is a boy in a town

Who never smiles or frowns.

  • People think he might be insane

All he does is laugh and hides the pain.

  • He doesn’t know what to do with his life for goodness sake

But maybe one day he might learn to bake.

  • There is a girl in a town

In her bed where she is bound.

  • She almost never sleeps and stays awake

She is good friends with the boy who wants to bake.

  • She needs money to support herself and live honestly

She is thinking of picking up photography.

  • There is a boy in a town

Who bares the last name Brown.

  • He is silly honest and kind

One day a girl he will find.

  • He has put a job on his radars

This uncomplicated man wants to work with cars.

  • There is a boy in town

With the baker he always clowns.

  • They both are the greatest of friends

They will always talk till the bitter end.

  • This boy has a job that he desires

This interesting fellow wants to be a game designer.

  • All these people know each other

To the baker they are not a bother.

  • Even though they are not told

The baker hopes they reach their goals.

  • Because he loves all of them it would seem

All these people live simple dreams


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