If I were to ask you...


If I were to ask you to write down things that you love, how long will it take for you to right down me?

Well it took me 1 year or probably more.

If I were to ask you on a scale to 1 to 10 how hot do you think you are?

I would say a number can't tell me how hot I am. A scale dosent mean a thing.

If I were to ask you do you think make-up makes you look prettier.

I would say NO make-up dosen't do a damn Thing. It can't cover a scar. 

If I were to ask you how many of you have been raped.

I would say well I haven't been raped but I can feel your pain it's a thing that I just have. 

My answers wasn't always like that.

Why? You may ask.

One answer: me

Second answer: SOCIETY

Society is like a box. They put people in boxes. We have The gay boxes, the lesbian box's. The losers, the skinny hotties, the make up queen, rape victim, depression. You see there is so many of them.

You may think wow all everybody does is complain about society but don't do a damn Thing. Well your wrong cause I am I won't stop intill society sees the problem.

If I we're to ask you why do you have social media.

I would say so people who feel down can talk to me

THAT was not my only answer i use to say to get FAMOUS, or to feel like something. 

I can't cover every topic in the poem but life in general is a long roller coaster ride you have some ups and down and than you have the end which is death.

Society you can't put me in no box I would rather be me.

A beautiful 

A understanding person

A strong

A survivor 

A independent 

Little 13 year old girl

  • Author: NikitaPassmore (Offline Offline)
  • Published: November 2nd, 2017 02:00
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