The Devil’s Companion

There once was a man with onyx hair
He'd pull you in with just a stare
He lived up high on Rosewood Hill
Among the smog and eerie chill


Stories say he'll take your soul
If you look into the glow
Never to be seen again
You will meet a grisly end


Yet there was one who broke the mold
Became his mistress so I'm told
They together reign in terror
Killing those who live in error


  • Anna Marg

    Each and every one of your poems manage to draw me in!

    • Monah_Peyt

      Awe thank you Anna! 😊

    • FredPeyer

      More kind of a BIG story, and very well written too! Got me worried there for a minute, Monah, but then I realized that I do NOT 'live in error', so now I can breath easy again! :-)

      • Monah_Peyt

        Thank you so much Fred! 😊

      • Mugsdaddy

        Excellent writing, great flow and an intriguing story.

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