I watch as the faces of people I love drift away.  I am replaced, Forgotten about, Ignored. I’m in the way, A burden,  A memory. Yet as they slip through my fingers  That ping of fear is lacking And instead of being concerned  I find it humorous.   I used to care, I used to be there, I used to never stop trying, but each betrayal was a chisel breaking away at my white marble soul.   As each piece of rock fell I believed i would turn into something beautiful, I believed I would turn into something better. and as the marble fell away I did nothing.  Until I felt nothing.  The hammers stopped because there was nothing left. And as i sit here with the shards of stone at my feet, I realize what had happened.  I cared so much that I started to expect it. I started to get used to it. I had cared so much I didn’t even realize how ugly I had become,  All because I said and did nothing. I let them hack away at my marble soul And now  There is no marble left for the person who would turn me into something beautiful.



  • Mugsdaddy


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