A mother's fight

A mothers fight.
For as long as the moon and the stars will shine,
Forever and always you will be mine,
Whether near or far we will stand strong ,
For in my eyes you can do no wrong,
You are my first thought, my Last, my all,
Stand by mummy and you stand damn tall.
For in my heart the pride I withhold,
The gift i was given, so bold, so strong,
Two beautiful children god knows where it went wrong,
I took for granted that gift of mine so now this is my time to shine
To fight, to win for both of you,.
Stand united, keep smiling I promise you this
I will fight this, Mummy loves you my angels, a love so deep
The strength you give me has made me A strange from weak
I will fight, i will win. For I am your mother
No love that strong is shared by another
So for now my children keep fighting, stay strong
For I’m your mummy in my arms you do belong
And when you shall return And this nightmare is past
I will hold you for as long as time may last
You are my hero’s my saviour I worship
For as horrible as it is, everything has it’s purpose
So for now keep smiling hold them heads up high
When you miss me look up at the sky
Wish upon every star and soon it shall come true
That we she be reunited just hopefully soon.

For Sinead and Bailey
By Antonia leigha mannion

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