love in full bloom


blooming flowers decorate the trees with life
bare branches softly caress the petals for the first time
they state their claim as the flowers blush
stained with an undeniable pink for every spectator to notice
love in full bloom

sweet nectar perfumes the air
cascading the essence of an unbreakable
the summer breeze whispered the secrets of their needs
the flower would not survive without the nourishment of the branch
and the tree would just be any tree if the flower did not grace him with her beauty.

Autumn disrupts the bond
the flower can't withstand the cold chill of loneliness
the tree unaffected
the flower begins to recognize her dependency but unwilling to break free hangs on hoping the tree will hold her as he once did.
her blushing petals fall away
as she loses most of what she was once
she holds what's left of herself up one more time
for the last group of spectators to notice
this time for her not for him
to stand out as an individual flower

her beauty doesn't go unnoticed
someone picks her on her last day
nourishes her stems in water
appreciates her beauty
offers her warmth in his home and extends her life.
her blushing petals are rebirthed
she notices the tree from the window
the sun dresses her as she leans to see
he stands alone

winter leaves him cold and lonely  everyone may notice her as the flower that was once from the tree
but no one remembers the flower he used to caress.
with no flower he's brown like the rest
firewood like the rest.

  • Author: Aysha (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: November 2nd, 2017 21:42
  • Category: Unclassified
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