I Remember You

Tia Davis/テイア

I Remember You

Remember your eyes

The way you smiled

It made my heart  race a mile

Because I barely smile

The way you enjoyed what you had

Although I thought

I Remember You

A peaceful you

I could never see through you

What could I do with you

I just never knew

A person like you

Can be so hurt

I never knew


Im Sorry

Im not sorry that I believed that you were in peace

Im sorry I was not there when you were not

Im sorry for not looking in your eyes to see the truth

Although what truth

The truth that your smile was not real

The truth that your insincere happiness only fooled everyone but you

Im sorry I didn't see you through

But of course I will always

Remember You

And Love You

♡This poem is to a friend that will not be forgotten♡


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  • Author: Tia Davis/テイア (Offline Offline)
  • Published: November 4th, 2017 00:24
  • Comment from author about the poem: I loved a friend so much but did not get to know him enough and I regret it everyday it was my mistake don't make that mistake run for the wave and ride it until it stops it might scare you at first but you will at one point be at peace with the sea and ride the wave like you need to be thank you I hope you enjoyed.
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