The End

When the work of God`s people is done,

He will come to take them home,

To the mansion prepared they will receive their reward

For the service they render to him.

But the children of sin will remain to begin,

The suffering in reward for their deeds,

When the angel of night shall show forth his might,

And the suffering on earth shall be heard.

No relief will be found, the earth will be bound,

By Satan and all of his kin,

So on earth they must stay ,and suffer this way,

Because of their service to sin.

The mark they must bear of the beast who is there,

In control of the world and it`s woes,

They remember the time of the Christian rhyme,

And the gospel that warned of these foes.

But they left it too late and the curse was their fate,

For they pay for the life they have led,

It was Satan they served, and the end they deserved,

For the wages of all sin is death.

Their chance they had lost, and counting the cost,

They remembered the Christ that was slain,

So through trial and pain, they suffer to gain,

The life which once they had missed.

Tribulation and fear they must endure,

If they want to hold Christ`s pierced hand,

For he will take them home if they cry on his name,

And refuse all the tempters commands.

The end will soon come, when Satan is doomed,

To the fate he will always deserve,

Then the church of the cross, who will suffer no loss,

Will forever their master serve..

Colin Williams


  • olivergreenwood19

    This is one of the most beautiful things I have ever read! It flows so well and is so moving!

  • rrodriguez

    Great write and message. Thank you for sharing.

  • jody23

    Thank you for your comments

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