Fighting the waves

Casey Raffield

If waves were consequences, she would be facing waves she didnt make.
Her decisions were her own and for most would cause these waves...but not hers.
She rode these waves with grace no matter how often the rip tide pulled her down.
She would rise again and again like the sun on the horizon because survival was all she knew.
Constantly fighting for a life outside this ocean of waves she was born into reluctantly.
The trials she faced made her hide the true nature of how deep her feelings went.
Locking them away to keep them safe from the constant bludgeoning waves.
Her true feelings never matched the life she had come to know and live.
She punished herself almost willingly...finding happiness in the arms of other lost souls.
Testing herself repeatedly with pain just to feel one of the truly raw emotions left.
Letting the waves take her, she no longer fought for direction or fought at all.
She succumed to its power and rode each crest knowing the destination was not home.
And never to the place the key to her feelings had been hidden for so long.
Yet still she was secretly hoping for someone to see the hidden truth from long ago.
For her....I will face the waves until the ocean has learned the value of her smile.
She is beautiful like me inside...full of everything love needs to be true.
The world is less for being blind to the woman she truly is and can be.
For this I stay and fight the waves, even if its prisoner, her beauty within, is not for me.

  • Author: Casey Raffield (Offline Offline)
  • Published: November 5th, 2017 12:52
  • Category: Love
  • Views: 19
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  • dtyrrell145

    omg this is so beautiful with such a positive ending, i particularly enjoyed your 2nd stanza as you juxtaposed the 4th word with an oxymoron x

    • Casey Raffield

      Im glad you like it! Thank you

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