Orialis M. Pena

I Wish...

I wish that I could just dream this life away... 
But tomorrow comes a new day and the sun
rises again chasing the moon away and betraying
my prayers in the process.

I wish the night would last forever
but the day takes that away from me too...

I wish I could stare at the stars forever,
but the sun outshines them each morning to come.

I long for the night, but day keeps taking
it away and with it my wishes as well...


  • FredPeyer

    Orialis, this is a very nicely penned poem about 'wishful thinking'. Unfortunately, reality is sometimes killing our dreams. Would it maybe be better to change the dreams?

  • Joe Dawson

    Mesmerised by the stars and by the night. I remember that place well and I remember too the peace that came with it - a place for dreamers and poets I think. Well written. Joe

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