Adrianna Kjeld

If I Had The Chance...Again.

If I had the chance again... 
I'd say, "fuck you!" right to your face.
Watch in anger,  as I see how your face of awe turn sour.
 I've not seen you for almost a year. Nor have we spoken for half that.

When the confusions sets in and you think, 'what did I do wrong?' 
and if you ever ask me why..,

I will only say, 

"I loved you" 

As I walk away I will remember every time we exchanged those words and you will stand there in disbelief next to your new beloved.
And you will go back to ignoring my texts.
And we will go back to being strangers.
And we will go back to being nothing more than a memory, because you left me. 
You left me like you said you wouldn't. 

I loved you, when I knew I shouldn't. 

Shame on me  for trying to do something I knew you couldn't. 


  • FredPeyer

    Adrianna, what can I say? Life is not fair. And you expressed that beautifully in this poem.

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