Midnight Songs


Lips like vermilion rose petals

Glide across the fragrance of silk skin

Kissing soft delights in tenderness

Breathing whispers of desires within


Velvet fingertips delicately trace

Impassioned trails of timeless yearning

As two bodies are braided in love’s flame

Igniting a tenacious burning


Fluttering hearts beat in the night

Of lovers' delightful tryst

Tempting the sun to rise on their love

As hungering lips are kissed


In cadence that sings joyous pleasure

Souls entwine in harmonious vibration

In perfect rhythm of each other

Reaching crescendos of blissful elation



    Hey now, time for sleeping. Us oldsters need rest, not lust.


    • Santita

      Well don't they say the freak comes out at night? Lol! I think "oldsters" need a healthy balance of both sleep and nighttime lovin'! Thanks, as always, for your support, my friend!

    • Michael Edwards

      Ooooh - I've come over all funny - super sensuous piece Santita

      • Santita

        Hehe thank you, Michael!

      • FredPeyer

        Santi, you do have a way with words. This beautiful poem is timeless, could have been written a hundred years ago, or yesterday. To me the language feels nearly Victorian on one hand, but totally modern on the other. It has an overwhelming feeling of tenderness. So well written!

        • Santita

          Fred, love that "Timeless''! I often feel like I came from a different time so if my writing has both a Victorian & modern feel to it that's awesome! Thanks for always reading & leaving your fabulous comments, my dear friend!

        • Goldfinch60

          Very good sensual write Santita.

          • Santita

            Thank you, Goldie!

          • orchidee

            A lovely write Santita. I'm afraid for me though, that this describes a horror story - KP, you know! Any 'entwining' will finish me off!heehee.

            • Santita

              No swoon?! I was waited for a full-on Orchidee swoon! Lol

              • orchidee

                The emotion of horror was stronger than that of swooning this time! heehee. If she suggests any 'entwining' I've had it!

              • BRIAN & ANGELA

                GRACIAS PRECIOAS AMIGA MIA ~ Por una poema muy Hermosa de "Amor a Midnoche" ! Like You ~ Angela & I are still in our prime so MIDNIGHT is always a time for singing & clinging & swinging & bringing sublime love to each other ! Your poem describes perfectly all the senses we share. There are similarities in our "elements of sensual love" ~ BUT ~ with a specific Lover the experience is always unique ! That's the Glory of ~ that's the Story of ~ that's the "I want morey of" LOVE ~ AMEN ! Gracias por compartido y cuidido ~ Besos y Abrazos Calientes ~ BRIAN ~ Hombre d'Amor Por favor "Send Someone Flowers" through my new FUSION and enjoy my poem on AROMATHERAPY OK ~ Gracias BRIAN XOX

                • Santita

                  Lol! I had a feeling that you would enjoy this piece! You do love the more sensuous & passionate pieces that I pen! Thank you, as always, for your continued support & feedback on my writing, amigo! *muchos abrazos grandes* xo S

                • Accidental Poet

                  Very beautiful and sensual write Santi. Well done.

                  • Santita

                    Thank you so much, AP! Glad that you liked it :)

                  • Christina8

                    This is one heck of a poem, Santita! The last stanza was especially hot! I was going to write my favorite line but I can't pick just one. Great job with those metaphors and rhyme! Awesome!

                    • Santita

                      Hehe thank you so much, Christina! So pleased that you liked this piece! Very grateful for your reading & commenting, my friend! :)

                    • WL Schuett

                      Very lovingly written Santi , this is a very tender sensual poem it has a timeless feeling about it .

                      • Santita

                        Thank you, my dear friend. Love that "Timeless". I'm very grateful for each and very single one of your comments :)

                      • Louis Gibbs

                        A beautiful poetic description of one of life's greatest pleasures, Santi. So well done!

                        • Santita

                          Many thanks, Louis! It is certainly one of life's greatest pleasures; I am glad I could pen it poetically, as you said :) appreciate you!

                        • Simple-Man87

                          You are unbelievable. Your ability to write so diversely, is amazing. You can take anything, and turn it into something amazing.

                          • Santita

                            That's really kind of you to say, SM. You always leave such positive comments on my pieces; thank you so much :)

                          • myself and me

                            You composed such a beautiful, tender, and fascinating"midnight song".

                            • Santita

                              Thank you, kindly, M&M!

                            • Carmine Branco

                              Excellent chant of passion and blissful Lust. So delicate, yet so intense. A scene from other times. Not vulgar, but simply pure pleasure. Almost a byronian chant of romance and human fragility. Well done. Superb

                              • Santita

                                Carmine, I really appreciate your feedback on this piece; glad to know that you enjoyed it. Thank you very much for the gift of your words.

                                • Carmine Branco

                                  It was an honest pleasure

                                • Laura

                                  Like a magnet, it attracts
                                  the reader to a heavenly
                                  enjoyment of a read!
                                  Executed extremely well!

                                  • Santita

                                    "Heavenly enjoyment of a read"! I like that lol! Thank you very much for your read & comment, Laura!

                                  • LukeCoomer

                                    Beautiful words, your very wise and passionate, your rhyme is on point too!👏👏👏

                                    • Santita

                                      Thank you, dear! Always appreciated!

                                    • Neville

                                      A super fine post in my book.. Hey in anybodies book ...

                                      dreamily sensual and then some... pitched perfectly.... N

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