United States Incorporated

A place to call your home

The land of the brave, they say

Where nothing is yours to own


Bodies are claimed property

Used as a means of gaining power

A clever slavery in disguise

As we work our nine to five hours


Imaginary debt accumulated

As we each struggle to get by & survive

Paying fraudulent bills & taxes each month

With no concept of the true meaning of life


Media orchestrated stories

To pump fear in every one's veins

A world in utter & complete chaos

Where truth seekers are labeled insane


A grim nation of mindless puppets

Where chemicals are pumped into the air

Tainted water & toxic foods are consumed

& unfortunately only few are aware


A cycle constantly repeated

As we sadly neglect to open our eyes

I don’t know what it will take

For this society to finally rise



    MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN ! BUT NOT by burning more coal ~ and never walking ever ~ USA CO2 output per capita more than twice that of the UK and more that three times China ~ Trump won't sign the Paris Agreement on CO2 reduction ! Same with GUN LAW (Texas shooting is the most recent incident) and Sabre Rattling with N Korea etc etc. Unless there are drastic changes to the Administration and the People wake up to what is happening ~ The USA is on a downward spiral to HELL ~ In the UK we are all praying for you ~ AMEN ~ Con Amor por Tu y USA ~ Besos y Abrazos Caloentes ~ BRIAN Amigo Mejor de Los Estados Unidos XOXOX

    • Santita

      Thank you, B. For your thought-out reply to my piece. I appreciate your reading & commenting, amigo. *abrazos*


      "Fuck This Country" is one of my recent poems. Yours is more intelligently written and with sound reasons to be frustrated with our predicament. Very well written! Can't say the same for mine.


      Forever a punk!

      • LAWLESS

        What mind is left!

        Santi has her act together, unlike you and I Mr. O.

        That's all I will say, sorry dear!

        • Santita

          LOL enjoyed this back & forth..

          Lawless, thanks for the continued support, my friend. I don't believe that I have read "fuck this country"; I need to!

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        • Christina8

          This is such an excellent poem Santita! You really got down to the point! Most of america lives this way and a lot are ignorant to it. Thanks for sharing this eye opening piece!!--Christina

          • Santita

            Thank you, Christina! you are always so supportive; it is very much appreciated, my friend!

          • Syd

            Great poem Santita, I especially like the last verse

            "A cycle constantly repeated

            As we sadly neglect to open our eyes

            I don’t know what it will take

            For this society to finally rise"

            As regards to the insane gun laws...I really can't see how anyone can not plainly see that change is needed. - Syd

            • Santita

              Thanks, Syd. Appreciate the read & comment. I didn't touch on guns in this piece; but if you do a bit of research you will find that gun purchases sky rocket after acts of "Terror". There is a large game at play here that many don't realize we are apart of it. Change is needed across the board! Again, thanks for the read & comment!

            • WL Schuett

              This poem is welcomed with open arms , reminds me of when I was young and all my poems were about protesting war and pollution and big brother , I don’t see too many protest songs or poems anymore, some Marches and rallys and there is still a movement of sorts , but I am glad to see you and the younger generation still care !
              Keep Speaking out and be heard !
              Way to go Santi

              • Santita

                Bill, I like that "protest poetry"! There are definitely some in my generation that care; but not nearly enough. I have been on this journey of truth for the last few years, & have been fortunate enough to meet a couple like-minded individuals. I will definitely continue to speak out! Thank you for the support; I'd love to hear about your protesting days!

              • Simple-Man87

                I love this. A very strong write. Especially the last line. Many things come from a society risen.

                • Santita

                  Yes, we just need to get there as a society. Thank you for reading & commenting, SM! Much appreciated.

                • FredPeyer

                  Santi, your poem is very thoughtful, to the point, and true! Something drastic needs to be done soon to correct this situation. Maybe another American Revolution?

                  • Santita

                    I think we need a whole world revolution LOL. Unfortunately, this happens across the world! Not limited to just the U.S. But I chose my title & opening line for a very specific reason. Thanks for your continued support on my poems, Fred. Much appreciated!

                  • Goldfinch60

                    Very good write Santita, it is much the same way in the UK as well, those in power have no idea what the people want as all those in power are in it for their own greed.

                    • Santita

                      Precisely, nor do they care what the people want! Thanks, Goldie, for reading & commenting!

                    • myself and me

                      It takes time and efforts to treat the disease. Thank you for the diagnosis.

                      • Santita

                        Thank you M&M, for reading & commenting. Always appreciated, my friend!

                      • Seek

                        This is timely Santita! The great lie about the American dream is slowly but surely approaching its death throes. The layers covering the nightmare deeply embedded in that "dream" are pealing off one at a time. Yet the stupefied morons continue to nurture the virtual dream and choose leaders inviting them to come back and screw them over --- again and again. Impeccable, in any lingo you choose, jejejeje.

                      • LukeCoomer

                        This is excellent ! I got something along this flavor on the way myself. Dont know if it can stand toe to toe with this though lol

                        • Santita

                          Thank you, Superhero! Can't wait for you to post it!

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