Lee Renard Caspian


You are there when the wind sweeps
      through my broken soul
You are there on highest of mountains
You are there in the lowest of valleys
No darkness
No fear
No sorrow
No temptation
No brokenness
No force of Hell can stand against You
Though a thousand hands drag me down
Your hand is enough to stay them
You are my hope
You are my joy
You are my peace
You are my comfort
You are my strength
You are my refuge and my redemption
Without You I am nothing
But with You there is everything
Take all of my pain
Take all off my lust
Take all of my shame
Take all of my fear
Take all of my doubt
Take me from darkness into the light of the
Where all the world brings death to my soul
You are the one who gives breath to my
I will follow You
I will trust You
I will praise You
I will cling to You
I will love You
I will belong to You as long as I am alive
You are the only thing that matters
My heart cries out only for You

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