Drug experiences. Good or bad


Growing up
Boffing lighter fluid and petrol
We thought solvents were all the same
Until we tried the Dampstart
You think it's good on spark plugs, it's even better on the brain
Going into vivid dreams
Seeing flashing greeens and reds
Talking in robot voices
Little aliens on our heads
Through life we all would stumble, never knowing what would next occure
The last thirteen years has been a psychedelic blur
As we all got older we got sick of doing things the same
We started to experiment and worked our way up the drugs chain
Weed, poppers, anphetamine, LSD
Until one day I stumbled across my beloved Ecstasy
For months I binged and binged But it was over far too soon
I had to wave goodby to my Ecstacy honeymoon
Without knowing it was happening I was drifting from reality
I soon realised it had dissolved my personality
What started as an adventure had now become a living hell
I felt exposed and vunerable
Like a nut without it's shell
I had to sort myself out, talk to Frank and admit defeat
Where there once was a brain
There's now only crabsticks & mincemeat

  • Authors: Syd
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  • Finished: November 22nd, 2017 20:00
  • Limit: 14 stanzas
  • Invited: Public (any user can participate)
  • Comment from author about the poem: Please contribute in any way you see fit. I would like your contribution to be your own personal account of a good or bad experience while under the influence
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  • FineB

    Thank you Syd.

    That was simply out of this world.

    I have never dabbled with drugs. Sadly one person I truly admire Janis Joplin was a victim of drugs. Died young too soon. A member of the 28 club. Most recent victim Amy Winehouse so much talent wasted and destroyed by drugs.

    Keep writing

    • Syd

      Thanks for your comment FineB. Yes Janice Joplin was a star, as was Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, Jim Morrison etc.

      I think you'll find it's the 27 club though (I realise that was probably a typo lol)

      Drugs are bad without a doubt. I have never tried hard stuff like herion, crack and meth. Don't intend to either. But I do like to write about my own experiences. They are after all, what makes me who I am today.

      Thanks for reading - Syd

    • Syd

      Hi tepo, this is brilliant mate it's a shame it couldn't all be added to the fusioned poem. Is this your own experience? If so then it's quite similar to mine except for the herion. Great write, thanks for sharing - Syd

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