Aaliyah Gisele

I don’t know why but people are so hard to trust,
Liars are the main heads I want to bust,
They are so crusty like bread crust,
When I’m telling the truth, they try to fuss,
They be the first ones to cuss,
Liars aren’t no where near tough,
You know what? I’ve had enough,
When you try to talk to them and tell them the whole truth,
they huff and puff,
They’re dogs, when they see me, “they say ruff ruff”
I’m their owner, I’m the boss,
I run them, if anything, soon I’ll be their loss,
I don’t lie, I come out with honesty,
People are so scared to confront me,
They stink, they rotten, they dirty, the smell,
My part, my regrets, I’ll never tell,
Some of these liars should hope that they do well,
Because one day, they’ll be the main ones that go to jail,
I bet they won’t even get bail,
If I hear more lies again, it’s going to be a bowl of hell,
The truth is what I yell,
Liars are what they yell,
They don’t know truth,
They’re just youth,
I’m a full women,
Those liars have something, to them, coming,
These dumb ass songs are what they keep singing and humming,
They are some damn dummies,
Lies, lies, lies,
The truth always flies,
I am never the first one who cries,
No one can knock me down, even if they try,
I wonder what they’ll say if I just happen to....die

  • Author: Aaliyah Gisele (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: November 8th, 2017 19:17
  • Category: Unclassified
  • Views: 14
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