For You


For You

More meat for the grinder
Bodies fall where they lay
The determination builds at every foe they slay

They may lose a eye
But that's why god gave them two
And they keep on fighting until they are run through

This is not what they want
They fight for there king and home
The enemy has overstepped and must reap what they've sown

Throwing them selves the death himself
To protect they're family and land
They just be pawns of war but they are the last stand

Waving the white flag is not an option
Any and everything is at stake
For honor and glory make no mistake

A warrior fights for us all
The needs of the many outweigh the few
And they all become ingredients in this human stew

To the victor goes the spoils
Thoughts of a full belly and warm partner
Only makes them fight much harder

Anything worth having
Is worth fighting to the death for
So they march head on into the hell of war

Each with their minds made up
Their very own reasons for their corpses to line the fields
They line up in a row for their blood to be spilled

I'm just a poet up on a hill
Watching the carnage violently unfold
Making sure the deeds of these brave men are told

So please sing for them
They shed blood and tears it true
Every life lost on this field, they were lost for you

LukeCoomer ©


  • Author: LukeCoomer (Offline Offline)
  • Published: November 9th, 2017 22:01
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  • orchidee

    I'm responsible, you know, for Harold's one in the eye at Hastings (UK) in 1066. I was there in person, as I'm millions of years old, so I say! I told him to 'Look up' at a fateful moment, and he did! (heehee).

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