Gary Edward Geraci

A Poet’s Preces


How might I write that will glorify You today?
I’m praying for four stanzas.
Assemblage of right might; bright light to show them along.
Prodigal not prodigy, the instrument dull:
“Lead the way!”

Plastic coffee cup lids littered from passing cars,
Spin and cartwheel down the street,
Look like many, mini Skil saw blades to avoid.
Pleading; please! To go deep within. Touch, gush forth Love.
The news: scars!

Leaves peppering out of the back of a pickup
Truck look like bullets and mis-
Siles; a volley of them of which I must dodge and
Navigate between if I’m to survive. “God help me -
Take this cup!”

The greatest prayed prayer is “God you are in control!“
A pious poet does pray...
In multitudes of mediums, they’re so varied,
Wise words dull and heal the pain of a world so fallen.
“Save my soul!”

- Gary Edward Geraci

  • Author: Gary Edward Geraci (Offline Offline)
  • Published: November 10th, 2017 13:18
  • Comment from author about the poem: They can’t keep killing us over and over again. We all die just once; sooner or later. We each get one death including the perpetrators plotting against innocent life. The question is - who gets an eternal, heavenly life with an all loving and just God and who gets an eternal, hellish life with all that is and has ever been evil? We all die just once.... My prayers to those whom were savagely murdered during worship services last Sunday morning in Sutherland Springs, TX. Inspired by the four stanza, five line [12,7,12,12, 3 syllabic (arcdr)] poem by Robert Browning titled “Epilogue”.
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