Panic Attack (My part in my downfall)


Notice of absence from Drewp
I may be absent for a bit. Feeling really low today so really don’t feel like writing. You lot are an amazing bunch of people. I’m going to play guitar and record some music I think. x

“Watch out, the world’s behind you!”,
he screamed.
I looked ,
and then ran

My God , he was right
How could I be so careless
I thought,
as I searched for this man.

I saw a light through the fog,
as it began to engulf me
when I reached it
I knocked on a door

I was greeted by silence
the door it swung open
and I saw
lying crouched on the floor

It was myself,I was breathless
tears filled my eyes,
I was scared,
I felt helpless with fear

I sat down beside me
Squeezed myself tightly
I told him,
“I have an idea”

I found a stack of self help books
on managing Anxiety
and with them
I blocked up the door

“The worlds locked outside now”,
I said to myself
“You don’t have to be scared anymore”

Copyright © Andrew Phillips 2017

  • Author: Drewp (Offline Offline)
  • Published: November 13th, 2017 07:23
  • Comment from author about the poem: I have anxiety attacks. Less now than I used to. For some reason this poem fell from my mind accompanied by Dr. Seuss who probably provided the arrangement and narrated by Hunter S Thompson. This poem was triggered by someone I heard on the radio who said, “I was beside myself with fear” . Never understood that saying
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  • orchidee

    A thoughtful write Drew. My anxiety can bring on a stutter, if sever, though I don't suffer from stammering normally. Take a deep breath or three, then do what you need to do - maybe!

  • Shadowbox15

    I quite enjoyed it. Good job.

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