Their pace of life is way too fast

I can’t keep up, they travel past

Faces pushed up against the glass

I’m way too slow, I will be last


At this pace, I’m in control

Their constant rat-race takes its toll

Faces pushed up against the glass

I try to hang on to my soul


Too much pressure, breaking through

I watch the glass fall down

Cutting, slicing all of you

As the impact cracks your crown


Too much pressure, falling through

Rushing, crashing down

Broken fragments, all of you

Like the shards in which you drown


These people they, will never stop

Will something ever make them drop?

Faces pushed up against the glass

Too much heat to reach the top


In-between the concrete bases

They’ve finally stopped their loop of races

Faces pushed up against the glass

Behold, their splintered faces


  • orchidee

    I should only use a glass for drinking. In my case, sherry! lol.

    • Hood.


      try Jack Daniels...might help with that singing voice.


    • Laura

      So glad you posted this one!
      I listened to the soundtrack
      yesterday! Enjoyed it very much!

      Some of the lyrics do remind me of my
      younger days when I was
      part of that “rat race”! I had to leave it for sanity sake!
      I don’t miss it!

      Last stanza...POWERFUL!

      As always...
      ~Laura ~

      • Hood.


        thank you for checking out my tunes; I now have three fans!!

        Thanks for the read & comment,


        • Laura

          Lyricist and singer! Wow!
          Double the pleasure for your
          fans! An honor indeed!

        • Santita


          "Poetry in Motion" love that! Great song. Are you actually singing in this one? Before, you mentioned that you are the lyricist not the singer, just curious.

          This is an awesome ode for those that stay back as the herd continues the "rat race"!


          P.S. Banner is my favorite song from S.S.

          • Hood.


            sorry to disappoint but it is indeed my voice in the songs! Lyricist & vocalist.

            This was the first ever song recorded. Went to No.1 in the German Alternative Download chart for 12 weeks!!

            The version of Banner you've heard is a remix; there is also a standard version which I'll add to my soundcloud for you in the next few days.

            Thanks for the comment,


          • Lawless

            I have also taken a back seat on the rat train.

            The music that you are creating is stellar. You've said that it is a hobby, I think it could definitely be a career. But what do I know, I mostly listen to shit.

            I hope that you don't sing. All the glass in the world would shatter if you did!

            • Hood.


              the rat-race is way too fast for me; been there & got the speeding ticket!

              It will stay a hobby.

              I do sing on the tracks!! Await the world to shatter!


            • Martina Lynch

              Still part of the rat race I relate to this. Great band!

              • Hood.


                Still part of the rat race I relate to your poetry. Great poet you are!


              • tanvir H

                this is a nice rap song, can I sing it?

                • tanvir H

                  and when we gonna work on our song

                  • Hood.


                    no you can't sing it; it's mine!! Hands & voice off!



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                  • Goldfinch60

                    You have four fans, I enjoyed the track very much. Music always surprises me as did this track and the one you put on the day before.
                    Good write and good song.

                    • Hood.


                      you, my mum, Laura & Jesus all four fans in situ!

                      Thanks for the positive vibes,


                    • myself and me

                      Brilliant, the lyric, the music and the voice.

                      • Hood.


                        appreciate you taking time to read, listen, dance & comment.


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