Why oh God?
I cry out
Why do you do this to me.
It seems as though things are going good,
and then you pull the rug from under me.
Is it because of how I dress?
Is it because of how I behave?
Why God? Why?
Why do you do this to me?
It seems as though you tricked me into accepting you.
I will serve you regardless.
I will love you regardless.
Still, I feel that we are on a level of friendship where I can cry to you and why.

Job, cried out "WHY?"
Would God do this, to I?
Have I not been faithful
To all my hands have been applied?
How could my suffering
Be part of YOUR design?
And God replied
"Who set the barrier for the waves?"
Who commands the morning?
And makes dawn know it's place?
Who fashioned its garment?
And molded it like clay?
Do you know the seas depths?
Or numbered your days?
I have given you every breath
I know what gives you life
And what will bring you death
I divided the channels of water
Created the path of the thunderbolt
I set each star in its station
And gave Orion his belt
Now Job, I have not even started to begin
Shall one who contends with the Almighty
Correct Him?
He who rebukes God let him
Answer it
You would have no answer
If, in my presence you stood
My ways are higher than yours
And I use all things together for your good

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