My Friend Sam – (A poem dedicated to Samhain / Halloween / All Hallows Eve / Remembrance)

October 31st arrives at last,

Waiting is over, so I can proceed,

To create a garish new mask,

That will fright to the core indeed,


So “Stain” and “LiftFace” walk,

Screams are born by the people,

As my simulated dark stalk,

May turn the strong into the feeble,


I am also congratulated,

From those that also revel,

In All Hallows Eve congregated,

Their smile gives me the gold medal,


Although I talk of composition,

There’s another side to this,

Thus, I think of decomposition,

Of those I so very much miss,


Honour your family, no more,

Even if your life is hurried,

As you will become so sore,

If you forget those who are buried,


Truly let the living and dead,

Come together and rejoice,

Times where you laughed and bled,

And made proud your collective voice,


If you want to escape cynicism,

Might I make a suggestion,

Don a mask full of mysticism,

And give the dead your attention,


I drink a toast to my good friend Sam,

Who I very much cherish every year,

Reminding me to remember my plan,

To not live in ignorance or in fear.

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