The Power of Love

There you were, lying!

As dead as a log.

Your face- pale and ethereal.

And I cry! But you wouldn’t bother,

No bother at all!


You know me very well!


And, as you know me very well,

I got up, I dusted my cloth,

My cock out in my hand,

And I masturbated. Disgusting sloth

You would have me hanged.


You know me very well.


I masturbated with vigour,

The way I do.

Just there, just then.

Over your dead body.

Clenching teeth, squeezing hard.


You know very well, my dear.


And there I am,

Climax with shiver and groan,

over your dead body-stone,

And spilling the semen of life,

With joy and grace,

I see the colours of life back on your face!


You know me very well.


And joy, and hope came over,

As your eyes so dear move again.

With tears in my eyes

And shivering flesh,

The colour of your face came as a flash,


You know me very well.

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