Lost Memories


I sit here quietly

by your side,

knowing that each and everyday

more and more of your memories

have died.


Yes, you have forgotten mostly everything.

Lost memories, that once was a treasure in your heart,

are now, sadly no more,

only fragments of pieces of jumbled thoughts

that makes no sense,

no sense at all.


You smile at me at times

that makes me hope

that you just thought of a memory

a memory of you and me

but then a blink of an eye

I can see.... that memory is lost

back into the emptiness of your mind.


And all I can do

is just sit here quietly,..

trying not to cry.

And Even though you don't remember,

Remember Me...

I still whisper..... in your ear

That I will always love you,....My Dear.


  • Author: angelinamc101 (Offline Offline)
  • Published: November 14th, 2017 13:11
  • Comment from author about the poem: Alzheimer's To me..............is a thief that comes in slowly, into ones brain and starts stealing...... whatever it wants, until there is nothing left but a shell of a person, left there to rot, with no memories no past no future no hopes or dreams. But to those who watch them, we know that this thief has no idea what it has done. It's a disease that has no feelings... it just come in and steals..... robs us, takes away the person whom we love. _________________________________ These poems are dedicated to many of my dear friends and relatives who had to watch their loved ones, slowly loose themselves into this disease that has robbed them of their identity and from those who love them dearly.
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  • Shadowbox15

    Oh my word. That is quite a powerful poem.

  • WL Schuett

    I relate with this so dearly , subject close to my heart beautiful poem

    • angelinamc101

      It was a difficult thing to write. I lost my Uncle to this and watched many of my friends suffer with this as well. Recently lost one of them. I do have hope though that this will along with other horrible diseases will be no more.

      • WL Schuett

        My Mother is completely lost in the throes of Alzheimer’s right now , it’s terrible it’s endless and it’s hard to bare , I am behind your efforts and look forward to your poems on the subject , my poem called , “ Raindrops on Cherries “ is my ode to my Mother’s plight if you want to check it out

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