Walk the Road Before You



By: Hunter Christian



Walk the road before you

Bask before your shadow

Stretched onto Carolina asphalt

Toward the horizon fate beckons


Going, going, gone – the boy morphed into a man awash in the

lightscape of the wayward dawn


Take pride in your masculine gait

In the stride each step taken sends,

your body into the future with certitude

Westward bound your calling rings louder


Further, farther, farthest – where manhood longed for boyhood

whistled in a yesteryear song


Rest well within God's heath and heather

If the inkwell swallows the pen and feather too,

scribe upon the ledger of your mind's eye

Revel in nature's bedchamber beneath a twilit Sugar Maple canopy


Sleep, sleepier, slept – lie on fallow ground where native born folk

once longingly wept


Find sanctuary amongst prickly sweetbriar that nestle wild rose

Steer clear of sapling whose branches slice the sweet southern

air hard like malice aforethought

The very whipping rod that you lost into the wake,

of a speedboat's tempest as present faded to past amidst the

scent of jasmine and white magnolias.


Smile at the passersby who race to the holiday crab shack across

the lake's clear water to catch dinner

For grandfather taught you to catch a fish with pride from the

patchwork dock from where you stand

And, grandfather was a fisherman

Now, you are a fisherman too. 


  • Author: HChristian74 (Offline Offline)
  • Published: November 14th, 2017 22:06
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  • Shadowbox15

    Interesting perspective on growing up.
    I liked the phrase “bask before your shadow”.

    • HChristian74

      Thank you for reading. I appreciate the feedback.

      Best Regards,

    • Laura🌻

      Your writings are amazing!
      So fastidiously thought out!

      My favorite line...
      “scribe upon the ledger
      of your mind’s eye “...

      Your write reminds me of...
      Go West Young Man...

      that “young man” will return
      from whence he began!

      Enjoyed the read immensely!

      All the best,

      • HChristian74


        I am honored. Thank you for your loyalty to my meager works.

        Your friend,


        • Laura🌻

          Meager?? You’re
          yourself, my friend!!

        • Drewp

          I have to admit, this is stunning

          • HChristian74

            Thank you my friend. Most aporeciated.


          • HChristian74

            Thank you for reading.


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