Hearts Fly Away

Heart Flys Away

Its still dark, my eyes squint in the light
This is the day I dread
Because I know my heart flies away into the night

I go through the motions, my head isn’t screwed on right
But still my heart flies away
The distance is just out of sight

Enough to make me bleed
My heart tries to catch up
But it’s flown away with you
The goodbye just too abrupt

Away to a place so dark and deep, it plays upon all my fears
And when my heart flies away, all I can do is shed my tears

The wind cold upon my face, emotions no longer know their place
I watch my heart fly away
Broken and spinning my wheels in place

When will I be whole again
When will my sun shine
Going over the edge again
Buried under a mound of time

Will my heart ever return,
Bring light to my darkest night,
Save me from my private hell
Don’t miss that midnight flight

No end in site, despair has set in
Living in my head again
With my heart gone
There’s no way I can win

Come back to me,
don’t leave me this way
For my heart to fly back to me,
All my money I would pay

The end in site, but still so far away
How can a heart survive like this
Not sure it can make another day

Running on empty, waiting for that flight
My hearts flown away,
But I know that soon we’ll reunite




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