I'm Not Scared

I’m not scared of the dark, past that I have grown;

Now I’m quite interested in exploring the unknown.

I’m not worried about making money before I’m dead and gone;

All I have to do is take initiative at my ambition’s dawn.


I do not fear the supernatural, or spirituality;

Truth be told, I should be worried about what’s becoming our reality.

Nuclear warfare and fallout do not really bother me;

That’s the price we have to pay for governmental fallacy.


But there are some things out there that really make me shake;

Like the thought of all my closest people turning out to be fake.

Or the idea of my sister leaving and running far away;

Because of something cruel and hurtful that I could possibly say.


Now don’t go and tell me these thoughts will all subside;

How the hell would you know? You’ve never thought of suicide.

No longer am I willing to let this sit upon the shelf;

At 18 years of age, my only fear is myself.


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