Jesse G.

Dancing to life's song

We are an amazing happening.
Through our eyes things take shape.
Light bounces off mother earth's curves like a blissful dream.
Peace for a moment.
We ride the shapes of life as part of its law.

It has rhythm. 

We can look down from above at times and see life's song.   The cycles bring meaning

But the song can be sad. Patterns aren't always predictable. 

Note by note we make way for the next, we can't stay. 

Generations pass and we make melody.

Though I see the song is whole at times the polarity crushes me.

Up has down and front has back. 

A note is heard by the silence before and after. 

As is life. 
 I don't want it to play out,
I love riding this note.
But I can feel the musician smile playing this tune. 

It must be good. 
That feeling makes me happy to be part of the song

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  • Published: November 19th, 2017 19:15
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  • Esther J. Doucet

    "Though I see the song is whole at times the polarity crushes me." I relate.
    "Up has down and front has back."
    So very true.
    I enjoy your imagery and style.

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