Violation of Body Electric – Beyond Flattery, Where Victimhood Prevails

a sudden Bonanza viz sexual abuse among

faux Green Acres within Mayberry RFD

now spells showtime for The Avengers, Batman

and Robin to Get Smart

take to heart (what haint no new bob bing beast),


those perpetrators to forsake their Good Times

yet, who determines what constitutes, and how to differentiate

mere kibitzing from unwanted overtures

though most people would concur when

definitive, tangible, verbal assault occurs,


spoiling future Happy Days, yet numerous incidents (ass hide

from clear cut serious offences indeed)

rather when details appear nebulous, sketchy, vague,

et cetera defy categorization, giving benefit of doubt to

females or males in question claiming harrassment,


especially when minors testify as adults, asper

major gross indignties (such as pedofilia, date,

incestuous, statutory rape, sodomy,

et cetera committed), that occurred years or decades ex post facto


sans molestation, said time delayed contention

must be taken at face value without fail informing

a jury retroactive justice must be must be handed down

to the accuser blatantly, flagrantly, flaunting illegality,


hence fair sentence accordingly adjudicated

insync decreed capital crime abrogated child welfare,

defiling and permanently affecting emotional well being

of said underage youths, as best one


to compensate aggrieved subjects must purge

abominable categorical imperative

asper deliberate wanton (I soup pose), tricked, mislead,

forced to participate unwillingly

risking mental, physical and spiritual health of innocent kid


imposing unforgivable, horrible, execrable misdeeds

irrevocably damaging Lassie or laddie,

which indelibly foisted battering, whereby

even Doctor Marcys Welby M.D. unable to mend


condemning sufferer to psychological Mash pit

triggering Maude lin while Knot's Landing flooded.








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