The man who wants to be heard.


I wish they could see me.


I see the world differently,

And I want things to get better

Ive learnt a lot in my short time

So I wrote this short letter

I guess the main thing that I want people to appreciate

Is the quality of life.


Rather than having lots of things

Lets just have a few things that we love

Not like.


I feel like we are trying to fill a void in our self

When we look at things to buy, there is clearly

Something that we are pining for inside

That creates a need for us to buy.


I love material things too I like to dress nice

And have a few modern necessities and things

BUT not excessively

What I have realized very quickly is that it is not about

What you have, but it is about what you have done.

Not only for yourself but for the people who helped you become,

A real success is who measured by love and the inner

Peace that you have is enough.


I feel that for most of my life I was tricked

And mislead

Into believing what people said

I could be about myself and

that we really don’t see

Our true potential until out of the

grips of other peoples stencils.


I now am learning to be confident in myself

To have faith that I can make a change to my situation

And to just overall be a better man in a crazy world

That proliferates hatred.


The world has always had its problems

But it is the way we look at these problems

And respond to them has me worried

We try to correct people and use our ego

To handle situations rather then to listen

To someone's point of view because were too in a hurry.


We can’t dismiss we have to understand.


I will build something beautiful

Something more than what I can merely hold in my hand


I will be an example for people to follow as a young man.


The time we have is very short and things feel faster

Yet I remain at my pace and try to keep it that way.

I want to move the world

Not have the world move me in to place.


I thank my family for the bad experiences and good experiences

That have shaped me, I thank my belief systems and my morals

That have changed me all the beauty in words that instilled into me as a baby.


Not everything was perfect and it never can be but

It was perfect for me and now I see that everything

happens for a reason and that this is my chance

I hope to see a world that can sing laugh talk and dance.


I hope people get it

And don’t just turn me into what they think I am.


Thank you


From the man

Who wants to be heard


I hope you give a damn.

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  • Published: November 20th, 2017 12:52
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  • Shadowbox15

    It's true that the way to fix a situation is through understanding what's really happening and not just what we think is happening.

    • Z


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