Calamity (a co-write with Hood)



Emptiness shrieks through the bowels of silence

Breaking the peace; as utter havoc runs rampantly free

A once still calmness is now a deafening calamity


Shallow memories bubble through the tarmac

As acid-swathed hands of resentment crawl through busted seems

Bringing to life horrors from the darkest of haunting dreams


Eyes sting in the smoke-filled chamber of my mind

Delivering a myriad of images designed to confuse

I die without hope; hanging by this choking rope


Hands burn in the bile-filled contents of my heart

Rendering me helpless to an insane moment of pain

I die without hope; swinging from the hangman’s rope


Threatening under the pronged hood of regret

Stand alarming realizations of a tormented past

Shrouded in the mist of misery; determined to last


Treachery of the host festering deep within the psyche

Corrodes in hues of green, putrid remnants of disease

The shadows crawl on hands & knees offering no release




  • orchidee

    How did you two know this is how my KP marriage is? I couldn't have described it better myself! heehee.

    • Santita

      Lol, yes, Orchi we wrote this about your marriage!

    • Christina S

      This write is fantastic! Great job Santi and Hood! The imagery is amazing! It may be a little dark but I can relate to a few lines. You guys work so well together. Brilliant!

      • Santita

        Thank you, Christina! He is a pleasure to write with! Really appreciate your continued support!

      • Diamond

        Outstanding word choice, with a raging image of the last rung of desperation. Amazing!

        • Santita

          Thank you, dear. Appreciate your read & comment!

        • FredPeyer

          This poem is like a sink-hole, or a whirlpool in a lake or ocean, sucking the reader in, right up to the last stanza. Then you are spit out, wondering what happened.
          Incredible poem, great collaboration.

          • Santita

            Lol, that is an awesome comment, Fred! You grasped the feeling very well. Thank you as always! Much appreciated!

          • Tony36

            Great write

            • Santita

              Thank you, Tony!

              • Tony36


              • BRIAN & ANGELA

                WOW SANTITA Y HOOD ~ De verdad es una poema muy NEGRO ! Como uno vosotros somos mas que negro ~ formadiablo ~ a me gusta ! In Life & Love ~ Some CALAMITIES are INEVITABLE as eventually is DEATH ! As you know I am an eternal OPTIMIST and even DEATH does not faze me ! Even in Love my mantra is "Better to have Loved & Lost than never to have Loved at all !" The tone of the poem is BLACK but in that is reflected in the TITLE ~ CALAMITY ~ this is one of the criteria of a Good Poem ! Thanks for collaborating & sharing ~ BRIAN

                • Santita

                  Hey, B! Hope you had/are having a nice trip. I will translate your message so Hood can read it too lol! Thanks for your continued support! *abrazos*

                • ron parrish aka wordman

                  great colab,fantistic write

                  • Santita

                    Hey, Ron! Nice to see you. Thanks for checking our co-write out! Hood is a talented writer & a pleasure to collaborate with. Glad you enjoyed it.
                    It's time for you to post one of your classic romantic writes!

                    • ron parrish aka wordman

                      yes,i guess it is,i will work on it,been busy at starlite cafe

                    • Goldfinch60

                      Very good dark write, the line "Threatening under the pronged hood of regret" is so meaningful.

                      "Out of darkness there will always be light"

                      • Santita

                        Goldie, I am barely seeing this response. You picked out the line that meant a lot to me when writing. Thank you for spreading your light around MPS; it is much appreciated, my friend!

                      • myself and me

                        Wow, so hard to swallow, so heavy to carry.

                        • Santita

                          Thanks for your support, dear. It can be a lot; so we write it out!

                        • Laura

                          Another great collaborative piece! Two creative minds at work! Beautiful!

                          Great first line to begin your poem of a sad tortured soul! Perhaps he saw that ray of light and followed it to the heavens!


                          • Santita

                            Thanks, Laura! Hood is a great mind to collaborate with. Thank you for the continued sport; very appreciated.

                          • Syd

                            Great co write - Syd

                            • Santita

                              Thanks, Syd. Much appreciated, my friend.

                            • Shadowbox15

                              That poem was black magic. Well done.

                              • Santita

                                "black magic" - I like that!!
                                Thank you!

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