kevin browne

This World As We Know It.

This world as we know it now has a failing flaking mystery
Where hundreds of years have gone passed without us knowing
For futures holding everything we don't unless we start to study
Philosophies, technologies, history, humans and the big bang
Science, religion, politics, agriculture, literature and astrology
These are the few secrets unfolding amongst heavens hold
For the love of God and the prophets who tried to teach us all
Where galaxies whirlwind into another dimension witnessing
An expanse in time that travels no farther to either you or me
The speed of light entices us to beckon and scream for it to stop
Just in a moment of invisible magic it reveals something sublime
Which knowledge contains the interests for a 22nd century
From there to hear we have discovered what we don't know
First fathers of philosophy led reign towards new beginnings
Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, all had their thinking in 1st degrees
Gathering pace in a world treaty even before Jesus was born
Relentlessly life never stops, it halts for a moment to watch
These things I write, these things in life with things in my heart
1555 Nostrodamus wrote predictions of Henry 11 of France
"The young lion will overcome the older one, 
On the field of combat in a single battle; 
He will pierce his eyes through a golden cage, 
Two wounds made one, then he dies a cruel death."
And so indeed did his heart pierce through to his living soul
A hint slays a mind into believing that maybe it could be true
So I predict in a faith towards the living life of our humanity
Shall cease with the engines we power into submitting for us
Where the motor becomes extinct and thought of as impossible
There are keys to open up the historical events yet undiscovered
Where living together in peace and the harmony we so deserve
Dreaded wars have stopped leaving space for universal prayers
We live in churches gathering people up from the food of God
We, ourselves, commit towards rebuilding this demolished land
Political speeches have Republicans in a time of sacred demise
Rulings over one another have depicted the truth in evil surmise
So we flower with individual prosperity on a hearty road to fame
Creations unknown, as yet, are sat in our minds for development
Taking away what we have and burn it all up in a living hell of fire
And as we search deeper into the religious universe of space
God was laughing at Einstein's equation of what really mattered
Relativity controlled everything with an important space and time
Predicted 14,5 billion years ago we started to be anything we want
Introducing confusing factors of a universe very much alive
And the telescope enrolled deeper and deeper into light
Images of Gods unknown masterpieces show the beauty owned
Galileo Galilei had his eyes set on the heavenly stars he loved
We must learn the future well by eradicating what today brings
Life is a tragedy written by Shakespeare's own experienced pen
So the future has seen the way we should act out our plays
With a new life ahead growing young in our hearts that are feed
Indulgence left leaving requests open for us to make melodies
Orchestras created with a chorus fitting for any number 1 song
Then the time arrives to kneel down on this life flowering fruits
Inspirations respected by the greats who left everything behind
On this planet, miracles can change a world which we live in
Animals, creatures, mammals, fish, birds and great blue whales
Orchids, roses, stars of Bethlehem and the tulips of Amsterdam
Mexico, New York, Columbia. Great Britain, France and more, 
Africa, Malaysia, Thailand, Argentina, Bagdad, Hawaii, Iran, 
Brazil, Cameroon, Iceland, Greenland, the south and Noth pole
Philippines, Pakistan, Phuket, Paris and the places unheard of
Beaches cleaned, salt water fresh, the shark's predatory idea
Plastic erased, metals burning, money no more, wealth gone
Foods hygiene tasted sweet from the earth's abundant supply
Mouth filled with the tongue of intellect revealing all brand new
Farewell the old and in with the new philosophers of greatness
I trust in you to see those strong beliefs can be fixed accordingly
I trust in you to see those lights flickering upon your golden star
I trust in you to see those religious wars are a fading tragedy
I trust in you to see those miracles coming true to your desires
I trust in you to see those better people who learn to teach us
I trust in you to see those continents working with us together
I trust in you to see those books revealing what we must know
I trust in you to see those lives becoming greater before we go.


  • FineB

    Thank you Kevin.

    What an interesting poem, philosophical, thought provoking, deep and simply beautiful!

    Keep writing

    • kevin browne

      Thank you, FineB. Much appreciated.

    • FredPeyer

      'Mouth filled with the tongue of intellect revealing all brand new'
      In your case Kevin, it is your mind that is filled with intellect and revealing our future, or at least the future we would like to have!

      • kevin browne

        indeed, FredPeyer, I have never been noticed or even suggested as an intellect, so, therefore, I will accept it for one reason, to change this damning world on our children, and the future of the world to make it a better place. I will carry on regardless writing to change how we live and show people that poetry can make a great change in peoples lives.

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