Way back at the beginning, during life’s early stage;

It was clear I was advanced, well beyond my age.

As great as that sounds, it truly can’t be worse;

To be honest, it’s been much less a blessing, and much more a curse.


Constant complaining and nagging, making quite a big fuss;

All because I got a single fucking B+.

For days on end, they would yell, scream, and cuss;

To the point I almost didn’t want to get off the bus.


My sister brings home a test, on which she did well;

“Congratulations sweetie!” and everyone they would tell.

Then my test would come, the score similar if not higher;

“Damn right. Don’t let it slip.” they’d say with great fire.


I think how laid back my sister is every time I see her;

And I wonder “On what side is the grass truly greener?”.

Everyday I’m told how I absolutely must strive;

But with all this pressure put on me, how can I be expected to thrive?


If I’m so smart, why can’t I figure this out?

I spend so many days constantly shrouded in doubt.

I do know one thing for certain, so let’s get this straight;

Almost everything going on in my head, I completely fucking hate.


But there are some bright spots that I have come to love;

And if you are hearing this, you are indeed one of the above.

So it is what it is, now that  you all have seen this;

My everyday life, trapped in a box called “genius”.


  • Author: The Altruistic Psychopath (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: November 22nd, 2017 03:55
  • Category: Unclassified
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  • kevin browne

    it's not very often you get to hear a 'genius' call themselves a 'genius' for whatever reason they hold. you, on the other hand have expressed and carried it across in somewhat of a beautiful fashion with the ease on the reader. it then brings the flow of your writing and wording. it's a great piece. release the trap you are in and explore the abundance of living life around you. there is so much more than being trapped within your own mind. I feel very much the same as a poet.

  • Tony36

    Well written and expressed

  • Louis Gibbs

    "It's not easy being green", as Kermit would say. I can relate, AP. Well expressed piece, my friend!

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