The story of me

I feel like I’m missing that piece,
weather it’s love or inner peace,
maybe that’s why sometimes I act naive,
yet I feel like I got a lot up my sleeve,
but I ask the world to take me as I am,
I can’t be like everyone it’s not a shame,
I’m in my favorite place where the fun never ends,
to get to the top I don’t need unnecessary friends,
I’m trying to get some control of anything,
and yes I know that will is everything,
I’m rather surprised of all this idiots,
or in this time of information era where men get there periods,
what happen to when we kept some of our shit as a secret,
all this detailed events you just had to leak it,
what’s worsen then that is the tv and radio,
because of it paraganda is all I know,
o’well its just society it will fix it self,
And I hope At the end we stay as ourselves.




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