Jesse G.

You're enough

I call out to the ones that are themselves.
I see many games being played.
Can i fool you?
It will build a greater illusion if i can.
I was fooled and i mimicked it.
I was amazed by the charisma,
Is this power real?
I passed by the real amazing ones who always lent a hand.
The ones who offer help seem inferior to the ones who stand alone.
What reason would there be for this plain one to help me,
They must be lacking.
I'll lend my hand instead to the glowing one i see,
The one who can't see past there own passion.
Passion can be poison,
Why do they not accept my hand and instead look to the powerful one.
I can't understand this powerful one but he has many followers.
I was fooled again.
I look within.
What's everyone doing?
Lacking, says the plain one
I see it everyday.
They gain much but lose everything.
Why would man delight in overcoming men when man is man's delight?
We're in this together, we all have a say.
If you say it falsly you're just in our way.
Let's put our heads together and accomplish this thing,
Your enemy didn't ask to be here either, what's he really saying?
He needs you brother, more than anyone else.
But you also need him.
It's time for humanity to start,
Let us begin.

  • Author: Jesse G. (Offline Offline)
  • Published: November 22nd, 2017 21:43
  • Category: Unclassified
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  • Esther J. Doucet

    Relevant and relatable

  • Esther J. Doucet

    I just read this one again and feel the need to express how much it resonates with me as though coming from my own pen/keyboard. Looking forward to reading more of your words..

    • Jesse G.

      Thank you very much

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