To look deep within yourself, and using what you learn;

Will make you a better person, regardless of how the tables turn.

However, looking into your soul can make you run and flee;

Because peace and happiness is not all that you could see.


Once I had made this realization, to me it had become clear;

Life is a miracle, a power given for me to steer.

But what if my opportunity never happens to appear?

And I continue dreaming of zenith while stuck at the nadir.


Past that, what is it that I dream of?;

Fast cars, big house, or perhaps simply just love.

But that idea is strange and foreign, at least it is to me;

I wonder, is my game of life meant for single player only?


I won’t start complaining, and I’m not about to weep;

But these awful thoughts persist, on my mind they prey and reap.

If you’re anything like me, then this might strike you deep;

How am I supposed to dream when I can’t even get to sleep?



  • b-LAH-que

    I really dig this, especially that last line.

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