They Choose


Things all lead to one another,So really one moment is never really one moment it's a combination of moments, eventually turning into days, months, weeks, eventually an entire lifetime.

We never know how many moments we have until our lifetime is over, with every moment lived we get closer to the end.

I've always wondered what the end would be like, even thought about what it feels like, as in if there's a feeling or a time when you know that's it "the end of your lifetime." Do you know your last moment is your last moment? 

I never understood suicide or how someone could take their own life. It seems like it would be the hardest fight ever imaginable to follow through with actually ending your own life, a fight both mental and physical pushing you to follow through with your where, when and how. A battle that must go on full force up until there's no chance of changing your decision. 

Even if you over power any doubts mentally your left with making the physical actions required to complete your life the way you've decided. Each physical movement at this point must feel impossible but some still push through this battle and complete their desired end. 

Things are what they are, maybe the people that take their own life have it all figured out, they could see it as they lived, they chose the things they chose and did the things they have done all leading them to that very moment at which they CHOOSE to die, they CHOOSE what way they feel best suites them, every choice we make defines us, 

Choosing how, where, and when to die could just be something these people have decided to CHOOSE for themselves



  • Author: Jess G (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: November 23rd, 2017 03:42
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