The Conqueror With The Conqueror

Many of times have I rode into battle.
I am a conquerer with a conquerer.
I move forward boldly through death valley,
as if it were nothing.
I have fought in the snow,
and have conquered pneumonia.
I have fought in the desert,
and have conquered starvation.
I have pushed through the jungle,
and have conquered high fever.
Now, as I proceed fearlessly through death valley,
I lead my army with my head held high,
and my ears wide open.
Wear are you enemy so that I may conquer you.
Now as the enemy shows himself,
just as fearless as me,
I stare him right in the eyes.
We are both fearless.
We are both equally smart.
It seems like an equal match,
a clash of the titans if you will.
Yet after a long grueling fight in death valley,
I gain the upper-hand.
Some might wonder why.
What made me so special?
It is not experience.
It is not the training,
and although I have a great army,
it is not even them who I give credit to.
Although it is the soldiers that fight,
I could not conquer,
without having the conqueror, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, on my side.

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