Late night (A freewrite)

Another late night

Conversation solitude

Contemplating all the news and all the different views

Deference to a defense that I would not relent

expends much less than the way the rest express it

I'll turn over to sear for a new scent 

of the same charred side of a story

The same scarred hide of a glory of nature

makes them far-cried and hate ya, it's sorry

Pardon me if I seem hardened

cuz normally I'm hearkened and hard to pardon the stormy embrace of a gory disgrace

of displacement that the most poorly tormented face

Cuz face it, they're born in it

But too forlorn to erase it

So let's make it a more glorious place

Okay, then?


But what if they take it?

What if they make it up,

fake that they can't take the high stakes of making a life that moves up?

Stairways to escalators

Electric saviors made to elevate ya by elevated minds of the highest

It's the fastness to flyness

The fast track to goodbyes of the priceless tries of effort cried at the eyes of oppressors

who mess your life up and hide it


Under the rug isn't comfy and snug

Under their feet to be stepped on and drug

in a blundering feat of a clumsy, completely sluggish underling cretin

It sucks

But step up

Let's take action to surpass the bastards that left us

and act to be after what's past all the lazy amidst us

with their hands out, but their fists clenched

Insisting it's been since land was raised on the backs of man

Witless and stand made to be slaves of the price they pay

with a man-made ammo of hate for the top that can lift us

And they insist us the victims!


But listen!

I'm not with this system that gives us a mission

to say who's against us holds loose views of human forgiveness

and compassion that's with us that they have but don't give us

That we should be mad and seem vicious

But shake the hand of the man who had to do with few of your troubles

That had just a couple of traits that you hate

Because they with their ways of another race want you to go other ways

But no trouble if your love's there to take and embrace on the double

But it's up to you to choose who will love you

And lift you up to where they live above you


  • ron parrish aka wordman

    this is certainly an interesting write,creative

    • b-LAH-que

      Thanks! It is certainly one of my favorite more recent ones I've done, I'm glad you found interest in it.

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