Lost In Fathomless Enigma

Everyday I’m reminded of how much hate we have in this world;

Oppression, poverty, racism, war, a dark future into which they have hurled;

The future of this country, and it’s headed straight to hell;

It’s our problem to fix it, and yet they wonder why we rebel?


Let’s move past all this nonsense, and truly join together as one;

Let’s better this world, make it much less work and much more fun.

Hug the hurt, befriend the lost, love the lonely, liberate the enslaved;

Make sure the land of the free isn’t the home of the depraved.


It all starts with you, so make the choice now;

Strive to be the best, leave them all asking how?

Set it in stone, and do not let it falter;

It doesn’t get easier, you just get stronger.


Shatter the expectations, and fuck whoever set them;

If they still think you are weak, just go ahead and let them.

Who cares if they keep watching, or if they continue to boo?;

Let them be themselves, you just keep being fucking you.


As we head towards disaster, you have to make your call;

Help better  our world, or don’t stress about it at all.

If the latter is your choice, then be ready for a brawl;

Alone we may stand, but together we shall fall.


Heed my warning as you wish, respond with help, or a diss;

Maybe that’s just how it is, like maybe belligerence is bliss.

Together we can conquer, and move past this useless strife,

Lost. In. Fathomless. Enigma., a game better known as life.


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