X On My Heart


You pick the place!
If I choose it will be fatal
You wish to scar my face
I say tear open my navel
If all you want is to hurt me
Can’t you just finish the job
What’s the point of eating the corn
But deciding to keep the cob
You just kick me when I’m down
And yell for me to get back on my feet
Then trip me again and I bust my teeth on the street
I’ve already put an x on my heart
It marks the spot, stab away
Im broken and in pain
And I’m bleeding out anyway
I’ve been hanging by the neck for so long
Why won’t you just help me die?
Instead you look me in the eye
And demand that I continue to try
It’s not that I don’t love you
I have done everything I’ve been asked to do
So instead of sitting there watching me suffer
Won’t you just grab a blade and run me through

LukeCoomer ©



  • Santita

    This is a powerful, heart wrenching write! Your rhyme and flow is so clean it reads amazingly well! Love how you just pour your soul on the page! I so understand this type of toxic relationship, I feel you, my friend. awesome write!

  • LukeCoomer

    Thank you Santi, this Write was inspired by a quote
    “ to help the hanging man die” I think I captured the feeling I was hoping more people would see it!
    I’m actual really waiting for hood to see it I’m curios what he will say lol

  • Laura

    As painful as it was to read, this is an outstanding write! Of course, the artwork is exceptional! So painful to be “...hanging by the neck for so long...” and no one who’ll make the decision...
    Watching one suffer is a double edged of COWARDICE or one of BRAVERY!
    What to do???

    A BRAVEHEART you are!


    • LukeCoomer

      Aww thank you!

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