Will Shootman

West of Somewhere

Roots grew far too deep for comfort

And I’ve seen what happens when I have things to lose

But I’ve never been much good at drifting

Seem to gravitate toward some center and just orbit

So I work the day away dreaming of painted lines blurring beneath me

Sun and moon entering and exiting the stage while I run my tires down

But I know other towns

And I know other people

Can’t I just decide this is someplace that means enough?

And these people mean more than enough?

I’m bored of dreaming of escaping the north

Hell, I used to dream of getting out of the south

It’s all west of somewhere

But I’ll put hammer to nail and stow my checks like a good American

And find things to smile about

I felt a breeze driving home today and saw a grocery store I had stolen from while the Eagles played on the radio

And I grinned like a maniac the whole way back to the shop

And I know I’ll sleep deeply tonight

In sheets with a pillow

I don’t need a lot and I want too much

I never know the right time for things

And I always do the worst thing when it matters the most

So I ought to stay

Because I don’t want to

I ought to stay

See this winter and the next out


And in winter

I’ll need deep roots to grasp what warmth I can find down under

I could see life springing up around it me if I gave it half a chance

My own garden in these long hard plains of white

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